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Do you want to become a MOODb Moderator?

MOODb is an open database for movie information, and all Movie Organizer users have the possibility to modify the content of MOODb. However, we must all work in the same direction, and there is a need for moderators that can make sure we do.

Some requirements for a moderator:
- A big interest in movies
- Been using Movie Organizer and MOODb for some time
- Good knowledge of the english language

As a moderator, you will get access to a moderator toolbox. With this you can control MOODb content on a much higher level.

If you have a special interest - for example TV-series, musicals, UPC-codes, etc - you can become an offical moderator for these areas.

So, are you interested in becoming a MOODb Moderator??

If you are, send me an e-mail (including your MOODb user login), and write "MOODb Moderator" as subject:

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