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My Super Ex-Girlfriend

My Super Ex-Girlfriend

My Super Ex-Girlfriend

This movie is
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Movie title My Super Ex-Girlfriend
MOODb ID 0004475
IMDb ID 0465624
Die Super-Ex (Germany)
Eski süper sevgilim (Turkey)
La mia super ex-ragazza (Italy)
Ma super ex (French Polynesia)
Ma super ex-copine (Canada)
Mi super ex-novia (Argentina)
Minha Super Ex-Namorada (Brazil)
Minu endine superpruut (Ethiopia)
Mitt Super Ex (Sweden)
My Super Ex (Finland)
Super Ex (USA)

Comedy, Crime, Drama

Known UPC-codes
2454338067, 321337068497, 2454338063, 2454338065, 2454338064, 024543380634

Ivan Reitman
Production year
Running time

He wanted a break... now she wants to break him.



Uma Thurman
Jenny Johnson / G-Girl
Luke Wilson
Matt Saunders
Eddie Izzard
Professor Bedlam / Barry
Rainn Wilson
Vaughn Haige
Anna Faris
Hannah Lewis
Wanda Sykes
Carla Dunkirk
Stelio Savante
Mark Consuelos
Steve Velard
Mike Iorio
Kevin Townley
Young Barry
Tara Thompson
Young Jenny (as Tara L. Thompson)

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