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World Trade Center

World Trade Center

World Trade Center

This movie is
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Movie title World Trade Center
MOODb ID 0006429
IMDb ID 0469641
As Torres Gmeas (Brazil)
Didymoi pyrgoi (Greece)
Dnya ticaret merkezi (Turkey)
Las Torres Gemelas (Argentina)
Maailma kaubanduskeskus (Estonia)
September (USA)
Untitled Oliver Stone/September 11 Project (USA)


Known UPC-codes
9736346684, 9736119964, 332431025752, 3242906795, 097361199542, 9736119984

Oliver Stone
Production year
Running time

The World Saw Evil That Day. Two Men Saw Something Else.



Maria Bello
Donna McLoughlin
Nicolas Cage
John McLoughlin
Michael Pea
Will Jimeno
Jude Ciccolella
Inspector Fields
Jay Hernandez
Dominick Pezzulo
Armando Riesco
Antonio Rodrigues
Connor Paolo
Steven McLoughlin
Alexa Gerasimovich
Erin McLoughlin
Jon Bernthal
Christopher Amoroso
Nick Damici
Lieutenant Kassimatis
Anthony Piccininni
JJ McLoughlin
Morgan Flynn
Caitlin McLoughlin

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